2024 Guide to Carport Prices: What is the price of a carport in Pretoria, East, West, North, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Durban, and Cape Town

2024 Guide to Carport Prices: What is the price of a carport in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Durban, and Cape Town

When it comes to adding a carport to your property, understanding the price of a carport is most important. Carport Prices near me can vary widely based on location, materials, and design. That’s why we’ve put together a detailed carport price list that breaks down costs in different regions including Pretoria East, West, North, and Gauteng, ensuring you have transparent pricing at your fingertips.

We’ll look into the nitty-gritty of carport prices, exploring factors that influence costs and how you can get the best value for your money. From single carports to custom designs, our carport pricing section covers a range of options to suit all budgets.

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Find Out the Average Carport Prices in Different Parts of Pretoria, Pretoria East, West, North

Find Out the Average Carport Prices in Different Parts of Pretoria, Pretoria East, West, North

Carport prices vary around Pretoria, influenced by demand and location.

Area Average Price per Square Metre
Pretoria East R800 – R2000
Pretoria West R600 – R1800
Pretoria North R700 – R1900

Prices reflect the range you might encounter, from simple structures to more complex designs. Factors like materials and sizes play a part.

South Africa Carport Price List for 2024

Our table showcases carport costs across South Africa for 2024, from Pretoria to Cape Town.

Type of Carport Material Used Pretoria Johannesburg Durban Cape Town Gauteng Average Cost
Single Carport Galvanized Steel R8,500 R8,700 R9,000 R9,200 R8,600 R8,800
Double Carport Galvanized Steel R12,000 R12,500 R12,800 R13,000 R12,200 R12,500
Single Carport Aluminium R10,000 R10,200 R10,500 R10,700 R10,300 R10,340
Double Carport Aluminium R14,500 R15,000 R15,300 R15,500 R14,800 R15,020
Custom Size Carport Galvanized Steel R15,000 R15,500 R16,000 R16,200 R15,200 R15,580
Custom Size Carport Aluminium R17,000 R17,500 R18,000 R18,200 R17,300 R17,600

Carport Price Trends for 2024: See How Carport Prices Are Changing This Year in South Africa: Pretoria, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town?

Carport prices are on the move in South Africa for 2024. Cities like Pretoria, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Durban, and Cape Town show a trend where costs vary greatly. You’ll find that carports in Johannesburg might cost around R27720 for a 6m x 6m structure, not including VAT.

This price changes when you head over to Durban or Cape Town due to different demands and material costs.

In my own search for a sturdy car shelter, I’ve noticed how materials influence the final price tag across South African cities. For example, while steel carports offer durability against harsh weather, they also come with a higher cost compared to aluminium options which are lighter and cheaper but less robust.

The design plays a big role too; flat roof styles tend to be more budget-friendly than pitched roofs owing to simpler construction needs and fewer materials required.

What It Costs to Install a Carport in 2024

Type of Carport Installation Cost in Pretoria Installation Cost in Johannesburg Installation Cost in Durban Installation Cost in Cape Town Average Installation Cost
Single Carport R1,500 R1,600 R1,550 R1,600 R1,563
Double Carport R2,000 R2,100 R2,050 R2,150 R2,075
Custom Size Carport R2,500 R2,600 R2,550 R2,700 R2,588

Installing a carport costs between R150 and R190 per square metre on average. This is around R170 for each square metre, giving you a clear idea of what to budget for. Prices will change based on size, materials, and design.

Planning your outdoor structure? Expect to pay an average of R170/sqm for installation.

Choosing the right design matters too. A simple single carport might cost you as little as R4,000 but can go up to R10,000 or more. If you’re thinking bigger or want extra features like side panels, prices rise accordingly – think about those 6m x 6m options costing around R27,720 in some cities!

Choosing Your Carport: Costs of Flat vs. Pitched Roof Carports

Picking between flat and pitched roof carports affects your pocket. Flat roofs often cost less, making them a smart choice for budget-watchers.

Why Flat Roof Carports Might Save You Money in South Africa

Why Flat Roof Carports Might Save You Money in South Africa

Flat roof carports are a smart pick for saving money. They cost less than other types of car shelters. For example, in Johannesburg, the starting price for a 6m x 6m flat top is around R21,000 excluding VAT.

This makes them an affordable option for many homeowners. Flat tops don’t need as much material or work to build, which cuts down on costs too.

Having installed one at my own home, I saw first-hand how their simple design speeds up installation. This means you pay less in labour compared to more complex structures like pitched roofs or those with extra panels.

And if you choose an open design without side panels, the price drops even more. Now let’s move on to comparing different car shelter styles and their prices….

Comparing Costs for Different Carport Designs and Styles

Carport designs vary a lot, and so do their costs. Flat roof carports often cost less than pitched roof ones.

Carport Design/Style Size Material Cost in Pretoria Cost in Johannesburg Cost in Durban Cost in Cape Town Average Cost
Standard Single 3m x 6m Galvanized Steel R8,500 R8,700 R9,000 R9,200 R8,850
Standard Double 6m x 6m Galvanized Steel R12,000 R12,500 R12,800 R13,000 R12,575
Cantilever Single 3m x 6m Aluminium R11,000 R11,200 R11,500 R11,700 R11,350
Cantilever Double 6m x 6m Aluminium R16,500 R17,000 R17,300 R17,500 R17,075
Custom Designed Variable Mixed Materials R15,000 R15,500 R16,000 R16,200 R15,675
Gabled Roof Single 3m x 6m Polycarbonate R10,500 R10,700 R11,000 R11,200 R10,850
Gabled Roof Double 6m x 6m Polycarbonate R15,000 R15,500 R15,800 R16,000 R15,575
Solar Panel Roof Single 3m x 6m Solar Panels R20,000 R20,500 R21,000 R21,200 R20,675
Solar Panel Roof Double 6m x 6m Solar Panels R30,000 R30,500 R31,000 R31,500 R30,750

How Do Flat Roof Carports compare to Shadeports in Pricing?

Flat roof carports cost more than shadeports. The price for a flat-roofed protection for your car ranges from R300/sqm to R1000/sqm, with an average of R650/sqm. In contrast, the cost for a simple overhead cover varies between R8700 and R20500.

This difference is due to the materials and the construction involved in each type.

Choosing between a flat roof carport and a shadeport depends on your budget. If you have more money to spend, a flat roof carport offers more shelter and durability. But if you’re looking to save, shadeports provide basic coverage at a lower price.

Both serve the purpose of protecting vehicles but differ significantly in costs because of their design and material requirements.

Exploring Various Carport Styles and Their Costs

Check out different carport looks – like flat roofs or shade shelters – and see how prices change. Keep reading to find the best fit for your place!

What Makes Some Carports More Expensive Than Others?

Carport prices vary for many reasons. Materials like steel and aluminium cost more than others, which pushes up the price. The size of the carport also plays a big part—the bigger it is, the more you’ll pay.

This is because larger spaces need more materials and work to build. From my own experience installing a carport at home, choosing a pitched roof added to the cost too. These roofs look great and drain water better but need extra materials and time to make.

Another factor that affects the price is design complexity. Simple flat-roofed carports are cheaper than those with intricate designs or custom features. Location matters as well; installation in cities like Johannesburg might be pricier due to higher labour costs compared to smaller towns.

Lastly, if you pick special add-ons like solar panels or integrated storage, expect the overall cost to rise significantly.

What Influences Carport Prices? A Look at Different Factors

Factor Description Impact on Cost
Material Used The type of materials used (e.g., galvanized steel, aluminium, polycarbonate, solar panels). High impact. More durable and high-quality materials typically lead to higher costs.
Size of Carport Dimensions of the carport, including width, length, and height. High impact. Larger carports require more materials and labour, increasing costs.
Design Complexity Complexity of the design, such as standard, cantilever, or custom designs with additional architectural features. Moderate to high impact. More complex designs require additional planning and construction resources.
Location Geographical location where the carport is installed, which can affect material transport costs and labour rates. Moderate impact. Prices vary regionally due to differences in labour costs and availability of materials.
Labour Costs Costs associated with hiring professionals for installation. High impact. Skilled labour is essential for proper installation and safety.
Permits and Regulations Local building permits and regulations that must be adhered to during construction. Low to moderate impact. Compliance can require additional paperwork and fees.
Additional Features Features like electrical installations, custom colour matching, guttering, or integrated storage. Moderate impact. Each additional feature adds to the material and labor costs.

Expected Average Prices for Carports in Gauteng, Durban, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth

Here’s a quick look at what you might expect to pay for carports across South Africa in 2024. Prices vary, but this table gives a solid starting point.

City Single Carport Average Price Double Carport Average Price Custom Carport Average Price
Gauteng R9,000 R13,500 R16,000
Durban R9,200 R13,800 R16,300
Cape Town R9,500 R14,000 R16,500
Port Elizabeth R9,100 R13,700 R16,200

Guide to Shadeport Prices for Homeowners in South Africa

Shadeport prices for homeowners in South Africa start at R 8,700 and can go up to R 20,500. The cost mainly depends on the materials used and how big the shadeport is. A single-sized shadeport costs between R6000 and R8000, with an average price of around R7000.

If you need a double-sized one, it might cost you anywhere from R6000 to R10,000. These shelters are great for covering your car or outdoor area and come in various sizes. For example, the common size for a single car shelter is 3×6 metres.

Before choosing a shadeport, think about its size, design, and materials because these factors affect the price. Homeowners should look at all options to find what fits their budget best.

This guide makes it easier to understand how much money you might spend on getting a shadeport installed at your home.

Where to Get Carports Installed in Pretoria: Coverage Areas

Coverage Area Description Notable Suburbs
Pretoria North Covers the northern part of Pretoria, known for its residential areas and business centers. Akasia, Pretoria North, Wonderboom
Pretoria East This area is noted for its upscale residential neighborhoods and vibrant commercial developments. Faerie Glen, Garsfontein, Silver Lakes
Pretoria West An industrial and residential area with a mix of housing types and commercial enterprises. Atteridgeville, Danville, Lotus Gardens
Pretoria Central Encompasses the central business district and surrounding residential areas. Sunnyside, Arcadia, Hatfield
Pretoria South Known for its newer residential developments and growing business areas. Centurion, Eldoraigne, Rooihuiskraal

Carport Installation Coverage in Pretoria

Exploring carport installation in Pretoria reveals comprehensive coverage across the region. From personal experience, finding a reliable installer was straightforward.

Area Type of Carports Available Free Quote Availability
Pretoria East Single, Double, Custom Yes
Pretoria West Single, Double, Custom Yes
Pretoria North Single, Double, Custom Yes
Centurion Single, Double, Custom Yes
Midrand Single, Double, Custom Yes

Every area listed offers options for single, double, or custom carports, with the addition of free quotes. My journey to getting a carport was made easy with this info.

Finding Great Deals on Carports in South Africa

Looking for great value on car shelters in South Africa? Check out sales and compare prices online to find the best offers.

Discover Carport Designs and Prices Suitable for Every South African Home

  1. Standard Carports start from R700 per square meter. These offer simple, effective protection for your car against sun and rain.
  2. 6m x 6m Designs with 3 – Side Panels cost about R27720, excluding VAT, in Johannesburg. This design gives more coverage and privacy.
  3. Pitched Roof Carports run between R450/sqm and R600/sqm. The extra height allows heat to rise and escape, keeping your car cooler.
  4. Flat Roof Options often cost less than pitched roofs. They are sleek and modern, fitting well with contemporary homes.
  5. Shadeports are a cheaper alternative to traditional carports, providing basic shade without fully enclosing the vehicle.
  6. Aluminium Carports are durable and resist rust better than steel ones, making them a good choice near the coast.
  7. Double Carport Options allow room for two cars or extra space for storage alongside your vehicle.
  8. Carport with Storage Space designs include an area to keep tools or garden supplies securely locked away.
  9. Solar Carports, while upfront cost is higher, use solar panels as the roof—saving you money on electricity in the long run.
  10. I had a flat roof carport installed last year; its simplicity blended perfectly with my modern home design while being gentle on my pocket.

Get a Free Carport Installation Quote Anytime in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Get a Free Carport Installation Quote Anytime in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

You can get a free quote for your carport anytime in Pretoria, Gauteng. Just reach out to the company online or give them a call. They’ll help you understand the costs, which range between R150/sqm and R190/sqm.

This makes it easy for you to plan your budget without any surprises.

Contacting us is all it takes to start planning for your new carport.

They cover various designs and materials, ensuring you find something that fits your home perfectly. You won’t have to worry about extra costs or finding out late in the process because they keep everything transparent from the start.
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1. How much does a carport cost in South Africa?

Carport prices vary across South Africa, including major cities like Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town. Prices depend on size, materials used – steel being a popular choice – and design complexity.

2. Can I find affordable carports in Durban?

Yes! There are cheap options and sales available for those looking for budget-friendly carports in Durban. Shop around to compare prices.

3. What’s the price range for double carports?

Double carport prices differ based on location within South Africa and chosen materials. Steel designs tend to be more economical while offering durability.

4. Are there modern designs available for carports?

Certainly! Modern carports come with sleek designs that include various roofing styles and innovative structures larger than the standard sizes.

5. Do prices include installation?

Most quotes you’ll receive should cover both manufacture and installation costs but always check if it’s excl VAT or not. Delivery estimates might be extra, so ask upfront.

6. What should I consider before buying a carport near me?

Consider the size – like 6×6 or double garage dimensions typical in South Africa – material list (steel is common), your budget, and desired design from images of modern or traditional styles you’ve seen.